Dog in a Sombrero, huh?


First things first.

I’m Tiffany.

27 years old. Mom of 3. Wife to 1. (Thank God it’s illegal to have more than 1 husband. I’d probably shoot myself in the foot if I had to have more!)

I am a stay at home mom, who is honestly, kinda bored with the whole “mommy” thing. Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids more than anything. They are my world. But… let’s just say that I wouldn’t mind doing something besides changing diapers while cooking dinner and cleaning the toilet while watching the littles splash around in the bathtub. Ahhh, but that’s the exciting life I lead.
A little background. Dated the hubster all through high school. Graduated. Had a baby. Got married. Had another baby. Took a few years off from baby-making. And then had another baby…you get the point.

So now I’m at a point in my life where I thought I would be getting a job. Getting dressed everyday. Mingling with other adults during my lunch hour. Combing my hair and maybe, just maybe even putting on some make-up. But…last year at this time, I found out I was pregnant. You know. The year that my youngest is starting kindergarten and I am going to be having another baby. Which means that I will be staying home to take care of my little bundle of joy for another, oh,  5 or 6 years. Fun, fun for Mommy.

So-now I can say I am the proud mama to:
Natali, who just turned 9 this summer. A thoughtful, sensitive beauty who always has her nose stuck in a book. Much like her dad, she actually cares about other people and their feelings (which leads me to believe she may not even be my biological child!) You can count on my brown eyed girl to nurture you like no one’s business! She’s a people-pleaser, that’s for sure.

Emersyn, who is 5 and has me worried sick about her starting kindergarten. (I mean, she surely will know not to tell the teacher that I was sitting on the couch in my underwear surfing Facebook while she made herself a cheese sandwich for lunch, right???) She’s my wild, rambunctious ball of energy, that is just a LITTLE bit too much like myself. (Do you hear my silent cries for help?)

And, Barrett, also lovingly referred to as Bear. Just 5 months old but what a ham! Love this little guy and can’t imagine life without him now. He was quite a surprise, though. The son my husband has always wanted, as well as the only grandson on Daddy’s side of the family. I have a small hunch that this kid is gonna be rotten.

My husband is pretty awesome, but I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that. I had the biggest crush on him when I was about 14. Then one day, he invited me to the movies to watch Joe Dirt and the rest, as thye say, is history.  Tall, dark and handsome with a fast car? Umm, yes please. Not to mention he’s simply amazing. Treats me like the queen I think I am. 😉

Let’s see. What else should you know about me? Hmmm.

I enjoy writing. Which basically means that I secretly judge you by your grammatical errors.(Hint to everyone on FB. I think 75% of you should go back to 4th grade. Just sayin’.) I’ve always wanted to write a book and my husband sweetly reminds me that the chick that wrote “Twilight” went from a stay at home mom to a bajillionaire in no time flat!

My mom is my best friend. I don’t have many friends and I like it that way. I could seriously move away from this tiny town I’ve lived in my entire life as long as I could take my family and my mama. Sure, I love everyone else In my family, but my mom’s the shiznit. Best. Grandma. Ever. (Seriously. I”ve even had people tell me that they want to be a gradma just like my mom when they have grandkids. Yeah, she’s amazeballs.)

I have a dog, who my blog is kinda named after. His name is Soft Taco. But wait, it gets better. I’ll give ya the run down on his name.
About 7 years ago, my sister April and her boyfriend, Leo, gave us a dog. We could NOT think of a name for that stupid dog. Leo is Hispanic, so we decided it should be a Hispanic name, since the dog was technically half Hispanic. This was about the time that the movie “Nacho Libre” was in theaters. Needless to say, we ended up naming the dog “Nacho.”
Since then, we’ve had a dog named Taco, a cat named Sour Cream, a cat named Quesadilla (Casey) and the list goes on. Oh- and Soft Taco’s mom? Her name was Cheese Dip.

I’m currently serving as the PTO president at my kids’ school. It’s a lot of work, but I actually love it. Well, most of the time. It’s gonna be way different now that Emersyn will be in school. But- just thought I’d throw that little tidbit of info out there, in case I get to posting about weird crap, like school carnivals  and pie auctions. 

I love junk. Not like knick knacks and stuff, but real junk. I love old, rusty, paint-peeling, straight from the dump junk. I currently have an old chicken coop that I found at my grandpa’s farm hanging on my living room wall. I love decorating of all kinds, but using junk is my fave.

I go to church and am a firm believer in God but I think if most “Christians” knew how I believe on certain topics, I’d probably be stoned. So- I’ll just leave my beliefs out of this for now.

So- that about wraps it up for me. (I actually just have a screaming baby in the other room, so I gotta get!)
 I’m pretty random and basically just say whatever’s on my mind, so consider yourselves warned.


About Homeschool Hideout

Join us as we tread waters of the crazy scary Homeschool world! Teaching the kiddos skills and educating them, all while teaching them to be servants of others. Not gonna lie, we're gonna stumble and probably even fail from time to time. In the meantime, we will learn to fail gracefully and humbly.

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