That’s your kid?


Not trying to be low or anything but I am laying in bed, snuggling with Bear and doing a little facebookin. I keep seeing posts of people’s kids. Now I know everyone thinks their child is beautiful but what the heck is up with the rest of the world? I seriously just saw a photo of a baby that may or may not be half chimp and there were 6 comments saying how pretty she is. Really? Is that what the world has come to? As long as a kid is dressed cute and has a big ass bow, that looks like a satellite dish on her head, she’s “adorable?” That hideous face means nothing, as long as you dress nicely? I would hope, if my kids looked as funky as some that I see, you would tell me to slow down on the brags posts. But, with kids like these, I need not worry.

Please note: This goes for your “sexy beast” of a boyfriend, too. No, he does not look “fine” under all that chest hair and acne. And your girlfriend who lets it all hang out? Not really a “Sexy Mama!” in my book. Just sayin’.


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Join us as we tread waters of the crazy scary Homeschool world! Teaching the kiddos skills and educating them, all while teaching them to be servants of others. Not gonna lie, we're gonna stumble and probably even fail from time to time. In the meantime, we will learn to fail gracefully and humbly.

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