I heart breakfast!



Seriously. I love breakfast. And I never eat it. What the heck, right?

 It’s just such a pain to make a good breakfast!

I don’t like milk, so cereal is out.

I’m not a fan of bread, so toast is something I don’t eat a lot of.

Eggs disgust me, so obviously, I’m not having any omelets.

I’m really not a picky eater, just the foods (listed above) that I don’t like, just so happen to be breakfast foods.

But baby, you lay down some ham and hash browns or bacon and waffles in front of me, and I won’t even leave a crumb.

The problem? Breakfasts just take so much time to prepare. I think I cooked a good breakfast for my kids maybe twice during the week, since Natali started kindergarten 6 years ago. Yeah. Mom of the year, right?

I am so excited to start having a good ol’ breakfast for my kids on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, or whatever darn day I feel like it!

I want them to think back to their childhoods and remember their mama, waking up early and slaving over the stove so everyone could have a delicious meal, first thing in the morning.

My mom makes the best breakfasts, so I guess that’s where I get it. I know in 20 years, my kiddos won’t be sitting around a campfire, bragging about the bowl of cereal their mama made or the way their mom could heat up a Pop-Tart like no one’s business. ( I honestly don’t even heat them up. Real moms make their kids eat cold Pop Tarts.)

I am so ready for a change of pace in our lives. To have a life where we can wake up and not rush around to find our backpacks, fix our hair and get out the door before the school bell rings. To not have to get in bed by 7:30 because we have a big test the following day. To not have a life that is ruled by a schedule that someone else has set for my kids.

I’m ready to slow down and just live in the moment. Because we all know a little too well how fast those moments are whizzing past us.


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